Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I made this birthday card for a friend, aiming for the style of old Russian propaganda posters. This inspired me to do a series of Russian style movie posters. I started with myself, the did some friends, making the poster first and then asking them each for a quote, which I used as the title. The quotes are oddly appropriate for the images, though they came afterward.
"Well Here I go. Do I want them to follow?"

"Died While In Pursuit of a Youth Too Agile To Capture"

"When A Man Is Tired of Pleasure, He Is Tired of Life"

"Small Talk Next To My Erection Hurts"

"Seth Margolin In Partytown USA"

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

view from Bernal Hill
(the top of the hill that I live at the bottom of...)

Monday, September 26, 2005

The beach here is so beautiful

We found a dead giant sea turtle

Felicity's feet on a broken piece of boat

Felicity and Cleo


Front exterior
Front entrance. To your left is the door to the garage, straight ahead is the door to the downstairs rooms, immediate right is the front yard, just past that are the stairs to the upper level.
Garage. Has washer, dryer and utility sink! (not pictured here)
Front "yard".

Dumb dog who lives here, with bone.

Gil's room is the first thing you see, kitchen is to your left. Past the kitchen is Andy's room, with a yard and bathroom off of that.

Downstairs kitchen

Andy's room

Back "yard" & downstairs bathroom

Stairs to the second level (this photo is from the top looking down). The stairwell has a sklyight.

You face the kitchen when you walk up, living room and Myles' room to your left, bathroom and two other bedrooms to your right.

Upstairs Kitchen

Myles' room

Living room

(curtains open)

looking the other way
Upstairs bathroom

My room

Rob's room