Monday, May 22, 2006


i recently flew to the east coast to see my mother and to see my sister julie graduate from college. my mother and i drove from new jersey down to north carolina, stayed for a few days, then drove back. i had one day in new york city before flying back to san francisco. these are some of the pictures, only a fraction. it was a melancholy trip, unexpectedly so.

my mom's basement the day we left

we ate at this restaurant in virginia both on the way there and back

this creep was outside

the busboy was cute

had one magically fun night with julie and nils

here we are at a diner trying to soak up the alcohol the night before graduation

she did it!

this little guy killing me with cuteness

mom and i visited justin in virginia on our way back up north

mom and justin in the new barn


this pigeon was in my mom's hallway, divebombing me as i walked to the elevator

blurry memories

grady has a daughter now, named ana